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Hva betyr EF ALL THE WAY?

Hva betyr EF ALL THE WAY?

Traveling with EF must be safe at all stages and you have access to EF employees all the way on the journey. The EF experience starts before you even leave home. Our staff will provide both parents and students with all the information and support before traveling, and we will keep in touch, guide and help along the way, until you return home. That’s what EF ALL THE WAY means.

Before the trip

Before you travel, EF employees with great knowledge of your particular trip and your destination will be able to help you and answer any questions you may have. We will help you apply for a visa if you need it, and we respect your private information. Parents and students will be invited to a meeting ahead of the trip where our experts will give you all the details you need and prepare you for the new culture you will soon experience. Before the trip, you will also take a language test to determine your language skills so that we can make sure that you get the most out of your trip. You also get access to our online platform My EF  where you can get to know the other students you are traveling with.

The journey and arrival

At the airport you will be met by your tour guide who you will have contact with throughout the trip. All tour guides have been recruited and trained through a thorough training program. When you arrive at the destination you will be greeted by our local team who have great knowledge of the place to study. Then it’s time for orientation at your school, where staff and teachers show you around and tell you everything you need to know about the school, the activities and the surroundings. No matter how you live, you can trust that EF has done a thorough quality check. If you live with a host family, you will always live with another student of your own age, and EF has extensive experience in finding good host families. If you live on campus, you will get the traditional school experience and meet students from many other nationalities.

The teaching

Activities:  Our local staff prepares many different activities that will give you a better understanding of the culture and the opportunity to get to know your fellow students from around the world. Your tour guide will join the activities and make sure everyone is well.

Excursions on the weekends: Whichever destination you choose, EF organizes many excursions that give you the opportunity to see the local sights and experience the culture where you are.

Methodology: The  EF learning system is our innovative methodology that helps you learn faster and more efficiently. Our innovative approach to blended learning methods means that you spend your time lecturing with inspiring teachers and focus on practicing the language in real situations.

Exam:  All our courses abroad end with a specially designed exam that will assess your new language level. The test is based on EFSET, a customized English test developed by EF.

Curriculum:  Based on your results from the language test you take before departure, the EF teachers will place you in a group of students at the same level as you are. The curriculum will be adapted to your level so that you learn in the best possible way.

The syllabus books :  The books used during the course are specially designed and developed by EF for effective and fast learning.

The journey home

Your tour guide will be with you all the way. From departure to return, EF is with you all the way. Once you return home, you will forever be part of the global EF family. Your experience continues with a reunion party and you will be invited to become an EF Ambassador, and you can collect points and win prizes.

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